Today is the 6-month anniversary of The Honest Broker. Here are the 10 most popular articles, out of more than 60 published since launch.
In a special feature for paid subscribers, I push ahead with my plan to construct the ultimate Brazilian playlist
I'm sharing the essay that won the 2021 Virgil Thomson Award for Outstanding Music Criticism (announced yesterday by ASCAP)
Let me peer into my crystal ball, and predict the next decade in the music world. I’m brave (or foolhardy) enough to tell you what I see—but you may wa…
Almost every element in James Bond's persona reflects a jazz sensibility—and that was by design.
In this special feature for paid subscribers, I try to construct the ultimate Brazilian playlist
And other links, larks, and lackadaisical opinions
It's brilliant—except that your organization has already implemented every one of these self-destructive techniques
The dictionary defines 'drone' as a monotonous, boring sound—but contemporary musicians in a range of genres have a very different view
A recent incident with Rickie Lee Jones has spurred me to consider the critic's craft, both from the giving and receiving end. As someone who has exper…
I probe the depths of my Frank Sinatra anxiety, and tell how I came to terms with his blowhard's anthem.
100 years ago, Oswald Spengler announced the 'Decline of the West' and made predictions about cities in the 21st Century. Was he correct?